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+ The product of forgotten vinyl, given new life with organic sound design, modular synthesis, and live instrumentation. The project fuels a new, progressive era of artists and music that is composed to invoke raw emotion. Essonite features a wide range of synthesis, re-contextual soul based vinyl, multi-format guitar, and hybrid percussion. Essonite boasts excellent improvised set execution, with undeniable groove and funk characteristics that leave lasting impressions on audience members. A hybrid acoustic-electronic drum kit, a multitude of guitar + effects, and lush synthesis soundscapes, all sum to an extremely tight, and highly unique sonic palette, unattainable anywhere else within the industry. From Pennsylvania, to West Virginia, to Tennessee, the group has played to sold out crowds, as well as smaller intimate festivals. A truly unique combination of scales and time periods, flawlessly intertwined to expose new mosaics of sound.

+ Essonite is a three person, live, electronic ensemble from Philadelphia, PA. Essonite is the brain child of Martin Esser and Will Loftus, who met while attending Temple University for undergrad. Similar interests in audio technology and music composition found them creating content in abnormal jam sessions. In 2016 they officially branded as Essonite, working to format live instrumentation into electronic domains. As the necessity for live percussion grew, Alec Powell, a drummer they had previously worked with, joined the project. The live experience maintains its organic improvisational qualities by avoiding full backing tracks, or prerecorded instrumentation. Essonite is an ever-growing project, periodically the group brings other musicians on board for more complex electronic jam abilities, specifically in the live setting. The live show is an impressive block of emotional display; each track or jam is a re-exploration of a studio release, in a `live remix` fashion, allowing for completely different takes and melodic structures that can be found nowhere but in a live setting. Behind the scenes Essonite works with a wide range of session musicians, other similar artists, and friends to record analog based instruments for later construction of studio releases.


"They specialize in taking samples from decades of vintage films and records and intermingling them with live instrumentals, hip-hop beats, and modular synthesizers to create tracks that straddle the line between electro-funk, smooth soul, and downbeat electronic music. Regardless of what genre the group falls into or who they are compared to, it’s clear that they are comfortable pushing the envelope of experimentalism in the best way possible.”
-Raver Rafting
"There is simply so much emotion that comes from the ambiance and arrangement of each track, with narratives ranging from uplifting, to the darkest places. For some darkness, listen to Todo Triste (Sin Ti). You can tell these guys are as serious about music as it gets, just by hearing the weight of each song."
"Combining hip hop, electronic beats, and the consistent groove of a live band, the two have bridged the gap to create a project similar in sound to acts like Break Science and Marvel Years...We see a truly bright future for these young phenoms, as their musical talent and creativity shine through their sound in a way that many up and coming acts have not found yet."
-The Musies
"What we've drawn from the conversations we've had with them, is that these guys are about as serious about the music they are making as serious can get. They stressed to us the overarching importance of keeping intact the passion and love for their art that inspired them to begin experimenting with sound in the first place.”
-EDM Sauce
"Coasting on an intricate layering of sonic samples and textures, the track balances the ease of multifaceted movement with a warped appeal of immediate intensity.”
-The Deli Magazine
"Everything from the production work, to Skyblew's flow is simply flawless. This is a definite shortcut to happiness.”




// We believe in free music // forever // for all //

+ Enjoy lossless downloads of our entire discography below +

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Altered States: RYAT & Essonite at Underground Arts (12/28)

Posted on 12 Dec 2017

Show announcement: Join us in closing out 2017 in the freshest way possible. Essonite will be co-headlining with RYAT at Black Box, Underground Arts. Thursday December 28th at 9PM. This performance will see the addition of Ben Mainwaring, the latest addition to the Essonite project. Ben will be providing more live synthesis to the mix, as well as his own flavor of analog keyboard soundscapes. See you all there.
21+ // DOORS 8PM // SHOW 9PM // $10 ADV // $14 DOS

Essonite & Malakai After ODESZA @ Silk City Diner, Philadelphia, PA

Posted on 31 Oct 2017

Show announcement: Essonite will be playing with Malakai at Silk City Diner after night two of ODEZSA's three night Electric Factory run. Novemeber 21st. 21+. The funk will be brought. TICKETS

Through The Hourglass :: OUT NOW

Posted on 24 Oct 2017

Proudly presenting: Through The Hourglass. Our first full length album release. 11 months of meticulous sample searching, late night recording sessions, & seemingly endless production & mixing hours. Culminating in a pure representation of our sound & vision. We hope you enjoy...
- Martin, Will, & Alec
1. Through The Hourglass (1:14)
2. Love Locked (4:51)
3. Time Is Slow (4:43)
4. When I'm With You (4:59)
5. The Queens Bells (4:41)
6. Lake Of Gold (4:20)
7. Todo Triste (Sin Ti) (6:33)
8. Second Movement Ft Noah Hall (4:03)
9. Beyond The Clouds Ft Artifakts (3:41)
10. Enough For Me Ft SkyBlew (3:17)
11. Breaking Point Ft. Heavyside Function (4:16)



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